Our company's resources allow us to create packages of 150 unique characters within a week, and you can be assured that you will find nothing like them.
Character Design
DFX Art creates diverse sketches for video and PC games. The characters are mainly used for sequential creation in 3D for games or for high resolution films such as an intro sequence.
The characters' charisma is unique, be it a fighting monster, a princess, or a science-fiction character.
The quality of the sketches speaks for itself. Our company can undertake work of any complexity.
DFX Art develops all manner of sketches for computer games, from small objects to big structures.
For computer games a large number of structures need to be developed, not only contemporary but also fantasy and futuristic.  Our company's artists are very familiar with a wide range of architectural styles and can create buildings of any complexity.
Whether it be a dwarf's home or a futuristic rocket installation, our artists will produce a sketch of the same high quality.

To create a game it's necessary to understand the artistic creation of game locations. DFX Art artists create all manner of worlds.

Our artists are imbued with the game's atmosphere and create location concepts directly in the world required by the client.

In the location sketches there can be objects that are already used in the games or they can enter the game.

DFX Art is a very creative team and from the pens of its artists unique and charming worlds appear.

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